Music – My #WOTW – and 30 Day Music Challenge 

By | July 7, 2017

It’s been super-easy to choose my one word to sum up our week this week:

How could it be anything else?

This week has been Proms Week in D’s SN week and it is an all-day, all week event with class performances, music club performances and invitations to local schools to participate.

It’s something that I look forward to every year and this week has been amazing.

When you consider that, in a mainstream setting, the SN children in D’s school would be so full of anxieties that they wouldn’t be able to enter a hall full of people, let alone perform.  It really is a testament to the patience and gentle encouragement of the music staff, that the children get up on stage and enjoy their performances.

I’ve been in school watching performances every day this week apart from Tuesday as our D is so involved, there’s been:

Her class performance 

Xylophone club 

School band 

Woodwind performance (flute)

Theatre club 

and a drumming team.

Wow, eh! She’s been a busy girl and has put all her energy into each performance.

I’m so proud of her and her progress in her flute-playing and her confidence has really increased, it’s been wonderful.

Today has also been the day that letters have come home with new teacher details for September and, it’s been another proud moment this week, when I was told that school would like to move D up a school year so she enters KS4 a year early.  I initially had a couple of reservations around this when first asked – namely a fellow pupil who has bullied D in the past emotionally and the potential for increased worry and anxiety for D as they’ll be in the same class but (fingers tightly crossed) I have been assured that a very close eye will be kept out for any potential situation. 

What a very proud week as D’s parents, we are so pleased for her.

As you’ll be aware, I’ve also started a 30 Day Music Challenge and today’s prompt is “A Song That Makes You Want To Dance”.

Absolutely no contest with this one, I can’t listen to it without toes twitching along – if I’m sitting down, that is!

Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Round (Like A Record), it’s my ringtone for general calls and brings back really fun memories of doing high-impact aerobics to it and blimey, it was definitely high-impact!

Out of all the celebrities to die in 2016, Pete Burns was one of the ones that I felt very sad about, he didn’t derserve the mockery over the many surgical procedures he’d had, a lot of them were to rectify and save his life after horrendous botched filler etc.  He definitely was someone you couldn’t miss, a true individual and he lives on through his music.  Watch the video here.

If you’d like to take part in the challenge, the prompts are below:

All in all, it’s been a great week, how was yours? 

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