“It was the t-shirt” and Day 11 #30DayMusicChallenge 

By | July 12, 2017

What did the t-shirt do? 

Well, a t-shirt was the cause of a bit of a meltdown for our D this morning.  

After a busy Proms Week last week, this week is showing signs of being just as much change for her with her participating in a cricket (all day) “thing” yesterday and today saw an inter-sports (all day) “thing” today.

All good in terms of the sports participation and the teamwork opportunities it presents but it’s all really thrown our D and not just because of the inevitable change it has brought to her day.

Nope, it was all down to a t-shirt.  

Since D made the decision to wear school uniform (it has been optional but will be compulsory from September), she is very, very into making sure that she’s wearing the correct clothing.

Yesterday’s choice was easy, she wore her PE kit and, as it was at an external cricket venue, I figured it was better that she wore it yesterday than today, which meant it could be washed today and ready for PE tomorrow (still with me?).

Big mistake on my part as, it unfortunately demonstrated to me that the slightest, unexpected change (or in the case of this morning) or decision needed to be made (which t-shirt to wear) can absolutely and totally throw our girl.   Which it did.

This is where I worry about life for her post-school, at the moment she’s in a very nurturing, cushioned environment where everything is planned and events are rehearsed, again and again so that the children are confident and (more importantly) comfortable with what they’re doing. 

Real life isn’t like that, much as I’d like it to be for her and I dread the thought of her reacting to a sudden and (probably to others) insignificant change and her reacting to it and the repercussions.

There isn’t an immediate answer, is there, apart from the need for more awareness and acceptance of autism and how sometimes it can manifest.

Searching for an image tonight, the above made me smile.

And now to Day 11 of the 30 Day Music Challenge, the prompt is “A Song That You Never Get Tired Of”:

For me, it has to be Big Country’s In A Big Country, I just love the energy in this song and if I’m out and this pops into my shuffle playlist, it’s very hard not to “shah!” along with it.

A group whose live performances must have been fantastic to see, there are videos on YouTube and I think an incarnation of the group still tours but, for me, it wouldn’t be the same without Stuart Adamson (he died in 2001).

Have a watch of the video here and “shah!” along 😀

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