Day 26 – 30 Day Music Challenge 

By | July 30, 2017

Today’s prompt is “A Song That Makes You Want To Fall In Love”.

Who else could I dedicate this to but my Hubbie and when I first caught sight of our children, with that “wow, did we make this baby?” moment.

You Came by Kim Wilde, this has received some (obviously) smutty comments under the YouTube video, but apparently it was written by her brother following the birth of his first child.

When Hubbie and I met, it was like meeting a soulmate, we finish each other’s sentences and very often I’ll think “I’ll just phone him to say “Hi”” and my phone will rumble with him calling me!

Little did he know when he met this single mother 17 years ago that he’d be married within 2 years, with a child on the way…with her (me!)

He works so hard for us, dealing with people who see any excuse to underpay/knock the price down/cancel with very short notice but he carries on.

The past few years have been very challenging in many ways and the rest of this year will be, with my first of two foot operations three weeks tomorrow (aaargh!).

Today’s prompt is one that just reminds me of him and how our lives have changed – for the better- since we met.

The lyrics are so appropriate.

“I’ve never felt good with permanent things 

Now I don’t want anything to change 

You can’t imagine the joy you bring 

My life won’t be the same 

And I’ll be there when you call 

I’ll pick you up if you should fall 

Cos I have never felt such inspiration 

Nobody else ever gave me more because 

You came, and changed the way I feel”

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