30 Day Music Challenge – Day 3 – inc Proms Week – Day 2

By | July 4, 2017

I’m popping these posts together today as D wasn’t in any Proms performances today but did tell me she’s helped with the spotlight, which she was extremely excited about.  

She’s in another Proms performance tomorrow so *grins a bit* can’t wait to see that one 😀

Onto today’s Music Challenge, the prompt is “A Song That Reminds You Of Summertime”.   

When I mentioned this prompt to Hubbie, he instantly said “Cruel Summer” but I’d rather go by the emotions and images that a song invokes, as opposed to just having “Summer” in its title.

My choice is Personal Heaven by X-perience, you can view the video here.

“The sun and the rain, That falls from above, My personal heaven

A word on the wind, With a whisper of love, My personal home

All in all, all in one, Heaven

For every wish upon a star,For every hand upon a heart, For every eye that’s lost a tear – It’s all in me

A flower taken from a dream,Given back to Mother Earth, To nourish everything you fear – It’s all in me”

The song and its lyrics remind me of blue skies, white clouds and nature.   

It might be because this is on my “walking tunes” playlist and as my school run walks would usually involve walking through a wood, that’s where it comes from.

The “deep, dark woods” as D calls them usually are habitated by ducks on a makeshift lake, a very friendly cat and tons and tons of wild flowers.  

We also like looking at the cloud shapes and seeing what they resemble, our own “personal heaven”.

These are the prompts for each day on this challenge:

Which song reminds you of Summer? 

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