30 Day Music Challenge – Day 21 

By | July 25, 2017

Apologies, I went a bit AWOL and, rather than do four “days” in one post, I’ll carry on with daily.

The children are on school holidays now and that, combined with the fact that my operation (2 of 3) is now less than four weeks away has sent me into a bit of a tailspin!  I want to be rushing around getting everything that needs to be done, done but my feet keep reminding me that I can’t suddenly get going with something – or else I’ll pay big-time with nerve pain.

Oh and I accidentally walked into a car seat that was being collected, the pain from my feet was so immense I took two tramadol (I very rarely take anything as I don’t like to rely on them) and…blimey…let’s just say “peace man ✌🏻”.

Anyway, we’re up to Day 21 of the Music Challenge and it is:

There can only be one choice here, we watch the re-runs of TOTP 84 showing on BBC4 and D joins in as we sing along to Robert De Niro’s Waiting by Bananarama.

I’ve just realised, looking through images of the girls, that they generally always stood in the same order, a bit like Ant and Dec.

Whenever this song comes on, Hubbie and I will sing “Italian!” at each other at the very last “Italian” bit.  Always good fun and our D is turning out to be a bit of a nana fan too (as well as the other 80’s songs I like to play), maybe a trip to Rewind is in order in a few years – feet permitting that is! 

Can you think of any songs with names in? 

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