30 Day Music Challenge – Day 18 

By | July 19, 2017

I’m mixing things up a bit today, today’s challenge should be:

“A Song From The Year You Were Born”, I don’t fancy that, not least because I like to have a little air of mystique around me – even though I blog my heart out at times! 

So, I’ve changed it to “A Song From The Year I Met Hubbie”, which is wonderful because there were some brilliant songs in the charts in 2000 and we smooched to most of them – oops, there I go again, TMI!

One song from that year that PERFECTLY sums up our life is Life Is A RollerCoaster By Ronan Keating, because it is!

We have highs and lows, we have ups and downs and a lot of love, as well as a fierce protection for our children.  They’re loved and they know it.  

When I was chatting about my childhood to T the other day he said “but you’re not like that, you’re not strict”, which was nice of him to say (and rare that he wasn’t wearing his headphones so we could actually have a two-way chat!).

And those lyrics:

“We found love, oh

So don’t fight it

Life is a rollercoaster

Just gotta ride it

I need you, ooh

So stop hiding

Our love is a mystery

Girl, let’s get inside it

You’ve really got me flying tonight (flying tonight)

(Hey, sugar, ooh, ooh)

You almost got us punched in a fight

(That’s all right)

But, baby you know

The one thing I gotta know (know, know)

Wherever you go tell me ’cause I’m gonna show”

Remember this song? Has it got you “nah nah nah nah nah-ing” along? 

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