30 Day Music Challenge – Day 10

By | July 11, 2017

Today’s challenge could have been a bit of a weep-fest, being “A Song That Makes You Sad”.

I could have written about the song that reminds me of having my heart broken at 16 (didn’t everything seem so extreme then?), or a song that I’d sing to myself (in between swearing in my head) after becoming very suddenly a single parent but I’d rather pick a song that is sad, at the same time uplifting and absolutely a joy to listen to:

When I first saw the picture above, I thought “OMG, the size of those shoulder-pads!” but I think Tony Hadley is on a chair the wrong way around and those are his elbows?  Anyway…

Through the Barricades is a wonderful song, apparently written about the Northern Ireland troubles but still could be so applicable today, love found “through the barricades”.  

“Mother doesn’t know where love has gone

She says it must be youth that keeps us feeling strong

I see it in her face that’s turned to ice

And when she smiles she shows the lines of sacrifice…
Father made my history

He fought for what he thought would set us somehow free

He taught me what to say in school

I learned it off by heart but now that’s torn in two..
Born on different sides of life

But we feel the same and feel all of this strife

So come to me when I’m asleep

And we’ll cross the line and dance upon the streets…
Oh, turn around and I’ll be there

Well there’s a scar right through my heart but I’ll bare it again”

I always feel so many emotions listening to this: sad that religion or what people believe about their God can divide people, uplifted at the lyrics, and marvel at how many instruments Steve Norman can play.

Have a peek at the video here.

What’s your “sad” song? 

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