By | June 20, 2017

It’s been another mega warm day today, hasn’t it.  A day when you wonder if it’s worth putting on make-up as it slides off your face (I did and yes, it did)!

A day in which I was thrown by letters that arrived from our local hospital, telling me that my foot operation had been moved from end of July to 21st August.  I wasn’t best pleased but, hey, what’s another 3 weeks in comparison to everything else that’s been happening in the UK and world recently? I should just be grateful that it will take place, eventually.

But in the midst of my grumpiness, something rather fab happened this afternoon, this:

Our T (high functioning autism) and D (classic autism) who at best tolerate each other, were having a splashing old time in the pool, alternating between this and throwing balls in.  Great eh?

Usually it tends to be that, if one of them is venturing in, the other won’t.  T – with his competitive head on – will turn any splashing fun into a challenge and, rather than saying no, D will get anxious because she doesn’t want to join in but not want to say “no”, which then aggravates T because he wants to win, basically!

So, that picture means so much and, even if it doesn’t happen again this summer – I hope it does – I have a picture to remind me.  Oooh I’m proud of them!

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