My summer bucket list #scarfeet

By | June 11, 2017

I was reading a post earlier today about a bucket list that a fellow blogger had written for the summer, it sounded like a good idea, something to refer to and tick off as wishes are fulfilled.

It made me wonder what would be on my list for this summer?

Well, first and foremost, I’d wish for sunny weather – not the “oh blimey, I can’t sleep at night” humidity, nor the sort of heat where you put on make-up and it just slides off within half an hour – just warm enough for a paddling pool and a little bit of rain during the night to keep the gardens happy.

Everything else really depends on these:

(Sorry, hope you weren’t eating, they’re not really that colour, I changed the filter to emphasise those yucky scars)

Yep, scarfeet as I have christened them.  Two lovely unmatched scars running down the sides of my feet and I have two more scars, between my big toe and the second one in.  Those slightly bobbly bits are where the stitch bobbles will eventually disolve.

I don’t like them ATM so, for me to post that picture is a BIG deal.  They remind me of the post-op complications last October, the fact that the procedure didn’t work and that they intermittently hurt, not usually 24/7 but I have a moment or two when I wake up and have that sense of no pain in scarfeet before they scream “good morning J!” and start their process of finding new places to project pain (the nerves in scarfeet have been damaged).

I’m due for another operation at the end of July, with another probably late September, timing depending on healing as they’ll be separate operations on each feet and I’ll have probably three new scars on each feet after that, as my big toes and second toes on each foot will be fused.

All good fun eh? So, any thoughts of bucket list additions are very much dependent on how I am post-op and how the children cope with a feet-up Mumma.

The positives are that my children have such anxieties about being around other people anyway, that a stay-cation will suit them just fine, weather permitting and that I’ll (hopefully) catch up with blogging, get some reading done and crochet away without feeling guilty that I should be clearing out the garage/gardening because I simply won’t be able to! 

So, my bucket list for the summer has three items:

Get through operation numbers 2 and 3

Made sure the children are happy 

Put my feet up!

Boring by comparison to others, but necessary, thanks to scarfeet! 

What are your summer plans? 

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