How Bluecrisps came to be

By | June 20, 2017

When I first signed up for Twitter and then started blogging, my name was “bluecrisps”, does anyone remember that?   About 5 years ago now.

Any reference to Bluecrisps still makes me smile, it always will as that was what D called cheese and onion crisps, on account of their blue packaging.

She still had very stilted speech then, sometimes she’ll stumble over words now if either over anxious or over excited and she’ll remedy herself with a quick hand twist or flap as she tries to think of the words she wants to use.

There were other little D-isms for everyday objects in her radar too:

Quavers crisps were “Yellows”

Tomato ketchup was “Splot” – I miss this one, there’d be an exclamation of “Splot!” as she (generously) used it on her food.  I sometimes say “do you want any food with your ketchup, D?” as she’s so liberal with it.

Any certificates awarded from school were referred to as “b-ertificates”.  If either Hubbie or I attempt to say it now, we are firmly told “it’s certificate!”.

Little crop bra-type tops were “boobiewoobie” tops with a “boogiewoobie, boobiewoobie, boobiedadooo!” tune sung as an incentive to get dressed.

And then there’d be the numbers to be counted, numbers on the front of buses we saw as we went to school – “Bus!” would be exclaimed, followed by the number – numbers on front doors and numbers in supermarkets, the latter used to be a great distraction if she was starting to get anxious at all the strangers around – sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t and I’d do the “walk of shame” after a meltdown.

There are a couple of D-isms that have survived the test of time, I don’t want them to ever go:

Our conservatory has always been an “observatory”

And (yes, crisps had to feature again), ready salted crisps are “really salted” – which is true isn’t it? 

She’s also developing a very cheeky side and – although she won’t admit it – is rapidly cultivating some teenage grotbag traits.   

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the ….. eye roll! 

This was fun to look back! Are there any little sayings or mannerisms your child has grown out of? 

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