A Real Schoolgirl 

By | June 13, 2017

Oh, that blog title makes me laugh, it’s a statement that one of D’s classmates said to her last week, something she’s only just told me.

School uniform hasn’t been compulsory at D’s school, before and ever since she joined.  It’s suited D because she’s a leggings and tshirt/sweatshirt girl, as buttons and zips proved to be fiddly for her.

In her time in mainstream (Reception and one term of year 1), she had to wear school uniform and – because she’d spend a lot of time hiding due to anxieties and sensory issues/rolling about on the floor – it became very clear that skirts and dresses were out for our daughter.

She’s been very happy wearing her own clothes in SN school, she went through a phase of tutu skirts over leggings and practically all her plastic jewellery worn at once about two years ago and I put that down to her having her “girlie princess phase” about 5 years later then her peers.

And then, just after Easter, something changed in D, she decided she wanted to wear school uniform and we had our first real spell of pestering about it.   This – quite fortunately – coincided with her SN school deciding to make school uniform compulsory from this September (good timing eh?).

We’ve received permission for D to continue wearing her leggings as long as they’re plain and not see-through (they aren’t, they’re Next gym trousers and really do stand up to busy school days).

So, we have two children who head off to school in blue v-necked school sweatshirts now.  Which is quite funny really because I can imagine the scenario if T wore D’s school sweatshirt and vice-versa, one would find it quite funny and the other definitely not so!

We’re very pleased that D made up her own mind about school uniform, rather that it being an unwelcome compulsory decision, she would seem to be a “real schoolgirl” now, according to her classmate anyway.

And the obligatory “Just why did you want a picture of me in my school shirt?” shot.  She’s only recently learnt the “eye roll” and does it very well!! 

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