Our Trooper – Tues 21st March 2017

By | March 21, 2017

You may have seen from my Facebook feed that yesterday took a rather unexpected turn, after a phone call from D’s SN school.

The moment when your heart has an extra beat as you see the school’s number flash up on your phone is never good for nerves is it? 

Poor D had collided heads with another (older, stronger pupil) in an inter-house basketball game and the school nurse was concerned about her.

So, off we dashed.  Fortunately Hubbie had a day off and we could take D immediately to the nearest Urgent Care Unit as the nurse was anxious that D’s nose might be broken, she’d already checked airways but thought it needed a second opinion.

Poor D, she held it together until she saw us in school reception and then the tears came.  No chance of masking any emotions for her.  She was very scared as the nurse filled us in with the checks she’d made and it was a hand-clasping, Bunny cuddling, tearful 20 minute or so drive to the Unit.

The Urgent Care Unit was very impressive, we had to check in and, I guess due to the injury and chucking autism and anxieties into the mix, we were seen within 20 minutes and D’s poor swollen nose was examined.

Airways were again checked, along with the septum and – thank goodness – her nose wasn’t broken.

A cuddly rest of the day followed with D absolutely determined that she went back to school today, which she did.

An absolute Trooper isn’t she? The HT had heard all about the incident and was extremely pleased to see D back today, the other pupil was back in too.
I was relieved that she didn’t have PE today but tomorrow sees a day of activities for D including archery, something she’s again determined to be there for.

Hopefully she’ll be okay but it’s a relief that she enjoys school so much (and needs that routine) that she so wanted to be in today. 

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