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By | March 31, 2017

I’ve been wishing March away, waiting for an appointment with my consultant on 30/3, which is silly really because yesterday came and went with me feeling just as unsure.

He was very empathetic, very much “we don’t want to put you through any more than necessary” but has referred me onto a colleague because my poor feet have deteriorated further since my op last October and it will now be two toes being reliagned on each foot, as opposed to just the big toes.

Which means I’m calendar-watching again for an appointment the day T and D return to school after Easter.  At which, hopefully we’ll talk dates and recovery time.

So, on the one hand I’m pleased that the consultant was very up-front and said that he’d rather his colleague who specialises solely in feet and ankles was doing this, but on the other, it’s more uncertainty and upheaval for the children.

However – pasting on a smile – this means that I’m determined to make some happy memories this Easter holiday, whether it’s watching D absolutely fly down the zip wire at the SN Playground she loves to visit, or simple home-based fun with a DVD and popcorn and cuddles, or preparing an Easter Egg hunt – all happy times.

How was your week? 

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