Got the Virus #WOTW #R2BC 

By | February 9, 2017

It’s funny isn’t it, the little things we find that just keep us going, in times of stress, things that enhance our wellbeing.

Mine used to be chocolate, still is tbh, but it has been replaced by something a bit better for me and that produces a nice end result (you can’t always say that about chocolate, can you!)

Crochet.  It amazes me how I can take a hook and a ball of yarn (going all Daily Fail here with a picture):

And produce from that, these:

I had a little smile at crochet group on Tuesday became I was helping a lady in her first attempts at a Virus shawl, I enjoyed it but it reminded me of my very first session where another lady was getting into a pickle over this chart:

Which seemed like a foreign language to me last year but is the pattern to produce a virus shawl, each different symbol meaning a crochet stitch.

I remember looking at the shawl with all its intricacy and thinking “no way, no way am I going to be able to make one of those..” fast forward a year and I’m working on one for a friend’s birthday, my fourth one!! 

No surprise then that virus is my word for the week as I have been well and truly nabbed by this particular “infection”.

And, after chatting to a fellow SN parent about her pottery hobby, it’s a lot more portable! 
It’s also been a week of strangeness after I had a reaction to a meal, fainted and knocked myself out – as you do! So one of my reasons to be cheerful is that – apart from a bruised face – I’m okay and my other one is..

D’s home-school transport for after my next two (and hopefully) final feet operations has been approved!!!

A mega relief as regular readers may recall it was a heck of a battle with “the powers that be” to get anything sorted out, in fact it wasn’t signed off until two weeks afterwards, meaning any meant-to-be restful time was anything but.

Happy Mumma, happy D! How’s your week been??

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