The Fluffball – Fri 6th Jan 2017

By | January 6, 2017

Today’s #pictureaday2017 #6/365 and sometimes this is needed, isn’t it?

The fluffball that is Bitsey decided I wasn’t going anywhere and that it was time for a cuddle and a purr (the latter all from her!).

She’s a funny old thing;  she’ll follow D and I partway to school and then wait, jumping out from a hedge when I return, meowing her annoyance that I’ve been a while, she watches over as recycling crates get put out and, most importantly for her, if our heated clothes airer isn’t on, she’ll attempt to swipe Hubbie until it’s rectified.

Which makes her sound a right moody old moggie, but she also gives out the loudest purrs and mega cuddles, when she’s amenable (take her off before she’s ready though and she’ll hiss!).

Cuddles were welcome today.  All my phone “stuff” finally transferred over (yep, Apple I did it), but it only emphasised how much I have to catch up on in the next day or so and, after a chat with a doctor, next week will see an appointment to try and establish why I’m still in pain after my op in October and whether a further op (or two) will be needed.

D was in need of cuddles too, unbeknown to me she had worn an arm bangle under a jumper and her skin reacted to it so, as she can’t wear plasters due to allergies, she’s in a bandage.  They’d noticed the reaction today at school and questioned her – without success to ascertain if it was something that had occurred at school – so she was a bag of nerves at hometime.  Some general chat and cuddles at home got the info but it’s a shame she didn’t feel confident enough to say something earlier, it must have been itchy.

So yes, cuddles were the order of the day.

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