Solace – Sat 28th Jan 2017

By | January 28, 2017

I’ve mentioned before that we’re very lucky to have a SN Playground relatively close to us (by that I mean, it’s a walk, a train to town, change trains and then another walk and a precarious road crossing, thankfully we had a lift there and back today so that helped my feet), it’s a wonderful place.  

A place where – and this took some getting used to – I can relax, knowing that D is enjoying herself, knowing that if she gets a little bit overwhelmed that there won’t be stares or tuts or whispers because, being a SN Playground, everyone there understands.

Thames Valley Adventure Playground is near to the Berks/Bucks border and I have honestly never seen D so relaxed there, outside of our house.  There’s bikes and trikes, a soft play area, a music room, crafts and plenty to do outside.  She always enjoys herself there.

It took a few trips there for me to realise that I don’t have to hover like a helicopter near her, that she knows where everything is and, as long as she knows where I am, she pops back and forth, updating me on what she’s been doing.

We were there for a birthday party today, she had a whale of a time on the trikes and soft play and I did this:

Again, I cannot imagine anywhere external to our house that I can to this, feet up, enjoying the view.

D enjoyed looking for swans on the lake, using the telescope, all the children seemed to have had a great time, plenty of smiles and laughter from all (and happy parents too).

The Playground receives no government funding so I’m always very happy to mention it, especially after D’s had a good time.  Click here for details of opening times and facilities etc.

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