Snow Go – Fri 13th Jan 2017

By | January 13, 2017

It all felt a bit “don’t panic Mr Manwairing” yesterday as the weather forecast seemed to dominate.  There was talk of snow, but how much and where? No one knew.

Both T and D’s schools swung into action mode, cancelling after-school clubs and making provisos for the morning after.  In the meantime, the heavy rain came.

All the prep imaginable could not have forseen yesterday, which saw Hubbie in a busy school car park, D in one seat, T having got off his school coach in another and a car that wouldn’t start.   

Yesterday’s #pictureaday2017 shows my Skechers, the only brand that my really-quite-rubbish post-op feet can comfortably wear and they were put to good use as I had to trudge out, in the rain to fetch D and bring her home whilst Hubbie and T waited for a recovery vehicle.  It was cold, it was absolutely torrential but she was happy to be going home and getting back to her after-school routine.

It happens, unfortunate circumstances like this but the timing wasn’t great, eh?

And we’ve had no snow, nothing! Which, on a positive has meant no changes to school (apart from T’s school put the coaches back an hour) but on the other hand …. a teensy bit of snow is quite nice, just a bit of non-disruptive stuff!

You can guess what our “worst bit of the week” unanimously was!

Today saw a chance to pick up this for D and our #13/365 #pictureaday2017:

In all the years I’ve bought magazines for D – usually led by her eagerness for the plastic thing on the front – this is the one that she not only reads, but actually does activities from.

The instructions are always very clearly set out and, being a cat household, she smiled hugely at the cat activity on the front.  I wonder if she’ll make it into our cats’ colours or a riot of pink/purples/reds? Either way it’s something she always looks forward to looking through.

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Robert Nielsen on 13th January 2017 at 9:12 pm.

Oh, does THAT sound familiar! (weather people predicting a big snow, but nothing serious happening). One year, a meteorologist from our local CBS affiliate went outside after one of these goofs wearing a sign apologizing for the goof, and inviting passerby to pelt him with snowballs, which people did–MERCILESSLY!!



Jeannette on 14th January 2017 at 9:36 am.

Sounds like he was a good sport! Thanks for reading and commenting J


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