Routine – Thurs 5th Jan 2017

By | January 5, 2017

Today saw a much-needed return to routine, with D heading back to school.  It also marked the first time I’d walked a school run with her since October 11th, the day before my operation.

I’d hoped she wouldn’t miss the quicker home-school transport bus too much and she didn’t seem to, although chatting to the transport people this afternoon, they were already missing her!

Anyway, she went into school happily and that’s the main thing for me and it was LOVELY to stand in my usual spot at the bottom of the stairs this afternoon and see her coming down, looking very tall in her much-loved hat.

I wish my day in between school hours had gone as smoothly, here’s my #pictureaday2017 #5/365:

Taken in the Apple Store.  In the background is my phone, having a bit of TLC, which didn’t work… so unless a couple of other options work, I’ve lost contacts/texts/pictures as the blooming thing won’t stay on long enough to back up.

I’m glad I took something to do with me as I was in the store for about two hours.

So, that was frustrating!

Phone issues meant I didn’t blog yesterday, but for completeness, especially as I’m doing this picture a day, here’s what I posted on Facebook:

“Wednesday 4th Jan:

The last day of the school holidays for D today and, as her favourite DVD currently is “The Worst Witch, this was our afternoon’s viewing.

Unfortunately this was followed by her first meltdown of 2017 and quite a prolonged one as anxieties about returning to school surfaced.

Tomorrow will bring a new face (but not unknown) at the bottom of the stairs as she goes into school with a new headteacher, a school week that starts on a Thursday and a return to walking to school, as home-school transport has stopped (for the moment anyway, as I think there’ll be another one this year for me). Thursday is usually her flute lesson day at school and she’s been extremely anxious as to whether she will have a lesson tomorrow or not.

D has done so well with all the changes that Christmas brings, a busy day at the pantomime yesterday and so, a meltdown wasn’t unexpected but draining for her.

Hopefully tomorrow will see a positive walk to school (please don’t rain) and a skip or two from D.  

Our #pictureoftheday2017 #4/365 is here as I can’t access blog etc as phone has conked out”

All good fun, eh? 

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