Reaction stopped play -Sat 7th Jan 2017

By | January 7, 2017

This should have been a post where I’d be mentioning a laserquest and bowling special needs evening.  Unfortunately it’s not.  We didn’t get there, due to an extremely fragile and uncomfortable D.

Our #pictureaday2017 #7/365 tells why.  See that bandage? That’s covering up a severe skin reaction to a bangle that D put on.  She loves sequinned, sparkly costume jewellery, but her skin doesn’t and I’d thought she understood that she could only wear costume bracelets over clothes, not next to skin.

There’s another complication in that D is also allergic to plasters so we have to apply cream, bandage the skin and then wait for the reaction to run its course, her arm is currently in the blistering stage, which is uncomfortable for her.

So, it was cuddles aplenty and a quiet day, after a fragile start.  She’d previously been excited about going to laserquest with her friends but it would have all been too much for her, not to mention her sore arm which would affect her bowling and the fast pace with lasers.

She didn’t mention it today though, so I haven’t had to have the “its best if we don’t go because …” chat.

It will be a few days before her skin heals but at least we know it will, we’ve had enough practice at dealing with skin reactions.   Timing though eh? The SN-only sessions are always good fun.

The picture below is of D at a session in September, she loved it! 

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