Panto Time – Tues 3rd Jan 2017

By | January 3, 2017

For the past few years, we’ve been lucky enough to go to the pantomime, even luckier that it’s been for a “relaxed performance” (this is where the performance lights aren’t dimmed so much, the music is not so loud and – even more importantly – the audience are from the SN community so they recognise that sometimes children can want to dance in the aisles/shout/be accompanied out if it’s all a bit overwhelming).

The first year we went, D was anxious, the unfamiliar surroundings, coupled with the masses of strangers and the fact that she didn’t really understand that this was a funny adaptation of a nursery story, made for an uncomfortable time but as she’s matured and is now able to comprehend more…… she absolutely loves it!

This is our #pictureaday2017:

Zoom in and you’ll see Justin Fletcher aka Mr Tumble, he’s been in 4 out of 5 of the recent pantomimes and he absolutely makes the show.

D totally engaged with the performance today, singing along, boo-ing the Evil Queen, cheering on the heroes and – her favourite bit – shouting “it’s behind you” when a ghost appears (yes, not traditionally in Snow White, but the theme from Ghostbusters and three characters on a bench, with a sheeted slapstick ghost looming are a must for a Mr Tumble panto).

She loved it.

Afterwards it was time for lunch in a busy environment, she’d chosen some Minecraft books with some Christmas money and sat and read her book, getting some downtime whilst the hustle and bustle continued around her.  Again, this has developed with her greater understanding and maturity.  I’m not saying there aren’t “episodes” or “moments” anymore, more that we’re aware of triggers and the books/iPad/cuddles can help if we’re out. Once we get home, it can all change. Anything unscheduled/sudden actions or noises still absolutely throw her.   But for now, a proud Mumma moment:

I’m wondering if she’d be able to cope with a non-relaxed pantomime next year, it’s something to consider, but then, maybe that would be one step too far and detract from something that she’s grown to really enjoy and look forward to? Maybe. 

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