New Year, New Challenge – Mon 2nd Jan 2017

By | January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Once again, I’ve been absent from the blog, for various reasons.

I’ve decided to take part in a picture a day challenge for this year and probably write about it each night on here, this will enable me to focus on the positives, which I do much prefer doing.

So, the picture for yesterday was:

Under that hat is our D, giggling away and reading aloud from one of her favourite books in The Worst Witch series.

I’ve mentioned before our joy at the fact she reads fluently and with oodles of expression, after being given no assurances that she would read or write, so a snuggle on the sofa with a book is always welcome.  

We watched “The Worst Witch” DVD over Christmas and, when D wasn’t pointing out how it varied from the books and what came next, she enjoyed it! 

She loves her hat too! Our house isn’t particularly cold but she’s been wearing her hat almost non-stop since I finished making it for her.  The three-coloured pom-pom jiggles away as she laughs or bounces around the house.  So pleased she likes it! 

And today’s picture:

Behind that grumpy cat exterior is the purriest, cuddliest cat imaginable! Good old Bitsey, she was contemplating moving onto my carousel crochet, which I’d placed on the footstool for scale.

I didn’t imagine this time last year that a) I’d learn how to crochet (being left-handed) or b) it would be so beneficial for my wellbeing.  Something that will continue to be needed this year as I think there’ll be another foot/feet operation looming.  

Which kind of explains my absence doesn’t it? T heads back to school and much-needed routine tomorrow, with D returning on Wednesday, our home-school transport has stopped now so just getting her there will be a challenge in itself.

For now though, positives.  Let’s see what this year brings Jx 

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