D’s calming tools – Mon 9th Jan 2017

By | January 9, 2017

Today saw two hospital check-ups for D, in buildings a good 15 minutes walk apart.  It made sense to me to only have D out of school for one day to attend and she did extremely well.

There was an absolutely farcical moment though when the first department realised that her hospital notes had to be over at the other department and they asked me to take them over – but insisted on sealing them in an envelope as I wasn’t allowed access to them ?!? So..if I’d been so inclined I could have gone off with them but shouldn’t read them!  Years of office work has meant that I’m very able to read pages upside down, whilst sitting opposite a doctor though! 

Anyway, D was an absolute star today.  

Our first appointment was a checkup at the centre where she was first diagnosed and it’s usually a chat around melatonin and the fact that by the time she’s 16, the NHS will no longer prescribe it.  

Her second appointment was a checkup chat now that her puberty-blocking injections were stopped in June.  

In both cases, D answered some simple questions and coped with a busy, sensory-filled waiting room with her “tools”, today’s #pictureaday2017 #9/365:

Bunny, good old Bunny.  She’s getting ever fragile, hence the hat, which helps protect a fragile neck. Bunny is always available for a cuddle and usually ends up in D’s upper arm crook.  Bunny is getting paler and paler with every wash and very much loved.

Minecraft books.  D always has a book or three in my bag when we’re out and these are firm favourites.  She enjoys reading the potion recipes and looking at the pictures.  I’m always so pleased that she enjoys reading and these definitely help her zone out during noisy situations.

And her iPad.  Mostly used for looking at My Little Pony pictures, with the occasional minecraft game.  Something that she’ll utilise during sensory-filled trips out and fortunately she’s moved away from watching the same minecraft videos over and over again.

Extremely proud of her today, both departments will see her again in a year, by which time she’ll be 13.5 years old and I guess transition to adult services chats will commence, judging by posters I saw today.

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