A Young Leader – Tues 10 Jan 2016

By | January 10, 2017

There was a good reason that D could not wait to get into school today, a quite exciting one for her.

She’d been chosen to be a Young Leader for the morning, assisting the primary pupils in her school as they went through some sporting challenges.

Today’s #pictureaday2017 #10/365 is a heavily cropped young leader team photo that came home and doesn’t she look happy:

She whizzed down the stairs at home time and excited told us that she’d been in charge of the stopwatch, whilst I can imagine she absolutely loved, she’s always enjoyed looking out for bus numbers/numbers on people’s doors and prices on supermarket shelves, all aided by a tv programme called Numberjacks.

Her SN school offers so many opportunities for confidence-builders such as these, she’s come a long way from an overwhelmed girl who couldn’t take part in sports days because it was all a bit too much sensory-wise.

I also realised today that D seems to set a benchmark in the morning, if we get there before the school bus she travelled on last term has released her friends whilst I was recuperating, she’s happy.  If she can see the transport escorts to wave at, even more so.  We’ve managed three mornings out of three so far, yay! 

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