A home time bolt – Tues 31st Jan 2017

By | January 31, 2017

Poor D had a bit of a bolt (thankfully) after she came down the stairs today.  Her cheeks were still wet with tears as she reached the bottom and then, without eye contact, she bolted into a corner, resisting a hug, refusing to answer questions.

It turned out that she’d been having a go at making a cup of tea today – which is one of her IEP targets for this school year – and was then encouraged to try it.  Which she did, apparently, but did like it at all.

Which is fine, neither do I!

Her IEPs are all around confidence building and we’re very proud that she gave it a go but there must have been so much that was unfamiliar to her – the smell of the tea, the fact it was a warm drink and yes, the taste.

D’s angst continued at home as she (eventually) told me that she’d also been upset by another pupil mimicking and “mocking” her in class.  This is where our two children differ, T would no doubt reply with something quite sarcastic or give one of his withering looks, whereas D doesn’t have the confidence for that and fears being told off by teachers.  

Poor D, not the best end to January, its been a bit of a dismal month all round, roll on February and being that bit closer to Spring!

Today’s #pictureaday2017 is my One Line A Day diary, it’s going to make for interesting reading as years 2 to 5 are added in, to see how the years compare.  

This month has had quite a few “grey” days as I’ve been including a mood element too, which again, will be fun to compare.

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