75 per cent – Fri 27 Jan 2017

By | January 27, 2017

That’s what capacity our household has been running at for the last week as our T was on a school trip.  A residential one for seven days.

Daunting if your child is NT but … lets throw high functioning autism into that, sensory issues around food and some traits that T would mask during the day and let out at home and we’ve just been along these lines this week:

“How is he? Is he eating? Is he sleeping? He’s sharing a room, are they getting on, what if he does one of his spectacular glares? Why isn’t anything going onto the twitter feed for the centre? Ooh look there’s a picture! He looks skinny and tired but okay, phew!”

You can imagine, veering between a “all is okay” when a picture pops up and then not so.

D has missed her brother, she’s extremely black and white about things, very much like the Katy Perry song “you’re hot then you’re cold…up then you’re down…in then you’re out” all very “sunshine or showers” with no inbetween.  She said to us “T’s not part of our family now” because he’s not here, the hot/cold way her mind works.

And then there’s me.  I’m facing two further operations this year, one on each foot, separately.  

I was expecting it.  They didn’t look right when the bandages first came off in November and they are in constant pain, day and night.  Joints haven’t healed properly and it’s daunting but I’d rather go through this and get them sorted than not bother and be on pain killers for decades.

So…another request for home-school transport submitted, two more operations to schedule and a LOT of disruption but it will be worth it.  It will!

But it’s not all bad.  D brought a house point certificate home yesterday for – guess what? – 75 points! 75% towards 100, which isn’t bad for January is it?

So, 75 per cent is our word of the week.  

And our T is home! We had a hug and he’s brought home masses of dirty washing and a few smiles.  He’s been caving, walked up mountains and sounds like the groups really pushed themselves.  And got marked down as a veggie so filled up on carbs and puddings which they all burnt off during activities.

A relief! 

(This picture was on the school site so it must be okay to share here, T in the back row on the left. Looking cold but happy.  Phew!) 

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