When D met FC – Sat 3rd Dec 2016

By | December 3, 2016

I’ve already shared this picture on my Facebook wall but it was too lovely not to mention here too:

This is a win-win on quite a few levels.

Taken at D’s school Christmas fair today, it shows our lovely D just after a chat with FC, she got a bit agitated in the queue beforehand (imagine a queue of SN children with their parents, wanting to go in but feeling anxious about it), but once in, she was fine.

FC had a few questions for her, along the lines of “did we have a chimney? Any pets that he should be aware of and will you be leaving out a snack as it will be a long night?” and she happily answered, lovely to see and hear.

She joined in with activities on a couple of stalls, said “hello” to pupils and teachers she saw and, after a pit-stop away from busy areas with a book, was generally very smiley.

A win for me too because – aided by my stick – I walked to school for the first time in nearly eight week and home again (feet have told me off since), it was a case of “let’s do this because I want/need to”, to walk through the woods, to watch D skipping ahead, to help her find stones to skim the icy lake with and – importantly – to reinforce in her mind that we’ll be doing walking school runs again in January, as we only have home-school transport until the end of term. 


Another win was D telling people – including FC – that our Elf (Glitter) is away helping at the North Pole so Rob the Robin is with us, proof that she’s okay with this change (which is a relief as I still have absolutely no idea where I’d put her “safely” last year!).

(Rob settled in our giant daisies in the hall today, teddy was the advent choc)

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