Those Two Words – Sun 4th Dec 2016

By | December 4, 2016

It’s been a day of attempting to get organised with regard to an upcoming event, one that is causing me some concern.

It’s not D’s Annual Review, although that is this week but:

School Trip.  A residential week-long school trip for T, happening at the end of January and as part of his PE GCSE course.

It’s not cheap (they never are, are they?) and it will be his first residential school trip, ever.  There was a primary school year 6 trip which he got enthusiastic about and then very anxious about so, the fact he wants to go on this is an achievement in itself.

But, I have concerns:

Food.  Argh! T has a very limited diet, no “wet” food and very little “hot” (as in warm foot), in fact it’s one “hot” meal that he’ll eat and the remaining time it’s bread/toast/rolls.  He eats yoghurt, cake, crisps, muller rice, blueberries and that’s about it. A multi vitamin daily.  Don’t judge, believe me we’ve tried, tried the “you won’t have anything else until that plate is clear”, tried the “wheeee, here comes the airplane”, done the “it’s good for you, will give you energy” all to no avail.  T is studying nutrition as part of his course, he knows that pasta/potatoes/protein/vitamins and minerals all contribute towards a happy and healthy body but his sensory issues mean that he just can’t eat those foods.  

So, that’s a concern.  The course sounds very energetic, so he’s going to have to fuel-up to be able to join in.  The “dietary requirements” section of the form was quite full, once completed!

And then there’s Sleep.  T has a dose of melatonin at night.  I’d rather he didn’t take this with him as it will single him out from his peers, I’m hoping the very energetic days will absolutely wear him out instead.  I would imagine that sharing a room with his classmates will mean that sleep times will be quite late anyway!

But, as a positive, he’ll be mixing with his classmates who he only sees inside school (he very much compartmentalises school/football acquaintances) and he’s not able to take any gadgetry with him so his headphones will have a week off.  I guess our food (bread/crisps) bill for the week will decrease quite a bit too. 

I’m hoping that he’ll come home tired but having enjoyed it, no doubt in need of a good bath and with plenty of washing but having mixed, joined in and learnt that – maybe – those headphones don’t need to be on all the time.   A smidgen of a bit more desire to try those foods he currently can’t bring himself to try would be good too, excellent in fact.

We’ll see.

Advent choc today:

And Rob the Robin flew to outside D’s room today:

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