Progress – My #WOTW – Fri 2nd Dec 2016

By | December 2, 2016

Wheee! Another Friday gone, the weeks are whizzing by, aren’t they?  But it’s all good and this week we’ve made some definite progress, my word for the week.

Monday saw me take my first trip into town since my operation, it was a sort of experiment for me, to see how I’d cope.  I knew I’d be walking slowly and timed it so that I wasn’t in shops at lunchtime, but it was an experience!

I’ve progressed from a crutch to a walking stick (on the right) and it was strange, I’ve always been aware of being out with a child (or children) with an “invisible disability” and people don’t take notice until something happens – sensory overload or flapping.  But by me having a stick or crutch and especially with the tap-tap-tap as it goes along, people notice and move to accommodate me.  It’s an eye-opener in terms of the fact I didn’t think people would notice and happily adjust, but they do.

So, that’s progress for me.  Moving around more, I’ve been out three times this week during the day and it’s worth the inevitable aches. Shows I’m getting better.

Progress in a different way as I discovered – sssh! – I’ve lost our Elf, somewhere!  Glitter has been replaced temporarily by Rob the Robin (from Waitrose) and D absolutely loves it!

D took today’s picture, he’s in an umbrella, she also loves the explanatory note from Glitter and it was one of her “best bits of the week”:

More progress in that I finally asked for help with the comment luv/commenting issue on the blog.  I’m not technical and resented the fact I couldn’t sort it, so left it for a while, as you do.  @MaFT got it sorted very quickly today and this means i can re-start my wellbeing bits and pieces, yay!   The lesson from this is …ask, there is always someone willing to help.

Next week will see another trip to town where I’ll hopefully be able to choose some review boots for my new-sized feet and a blood test for some really yucky tablets I’ve started on for my nails.  Yuck is an understatement but if they work, fantastic!  It will also be D’s annual review meeting so I’m looking forward to hearing the school’s views on how she’s doing and providing some input too.

A December post wouldn’t be complete without today’s Advent calendar chocolate:

The children wolfed theirs down too quickly to really appreciate the detail but I thought it was fab, taken quickly before D scoffed it!

So, that’s me, how was your week? 

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