A Glitter Alternative – Thurs 1st Dec 2016

By | December 1, 2016

Yep, 1st December and what does that mean? It’s advent calendar and Glitter (elf on the shelf time)!

Now, the calendars were easy, albeit a tad stressful as D doesn’t like to feel “rushed” in the morning, nor does she appreciate anything new being added to her routine, even if it is chocolate…so this may be an after-school occurrence, today’s was a:

As for Glitter, I couldn’t find her! Aargh! I guess she was quickly spirited away last Christmas Eve, but where? 

And then I thought:

Does D really need one this year? 

Well, she’s been talking about Glitter and potential hiding places so, it’s not a case of “needing” but anticipating.  Okay, she’s 12 but emotionally and intectually younger and as we had years of her not “getting” Christmas, let’s enjoy her excitement and enthusiasm whilst we can.  So, that was that question answered!

And then…what can I get today as an alternative? I wasn’t going to buy another elf because Glitter will appear… sometime.

A robin! D absolutely loves the Waitrose Christmas advert, telling of the little robin battling through to get home for Christmas so, this seemed ideal.  This was from Waitrose, who also sell a book inspired by their advert – an idea for a Christmas stocking.  They also sell a tiny robin as a tree decoration which is very cute.

Glitter “wrote” a note explaining her absence:

And here’s Rob the robin on day one:

So, a happy D and a relieved Mumma, after a bit of a whereisitthen start to December, a change very well received – phew! 

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