Word of the Week – Fri 25th Nov 2016 

By | November 25, 2016

This week has passed by quickly, bit like this month really (ssh, one month today to Christmas!).

There can only be word to sum up our week today and it’s (imagine me shouting it) HURRAH!

And here’s why:

A massive hurrah that, after I managed to shunt my left foot into the door (not advised six weeks after surgery) that I hadn’t affected the big toe bone’s healing, although it’s mega bruised and I’ll probably lose the nail.  Luckily I was booked in for an X-ray and post-op checkup the next day so it could be checked out.  Phew!

T had a boost last weekend, receiving the Man of the Match award, he’s struggled with the (lack of) team play element recently in his game so this was welcomed and prompted a rare smile from our lad.

Another hurrah is for D, we had a fab retro reading time on Sunday, with her reading aloud her Enid Blyton book from school.  I’m so pleased that the children enjoy reading, they both have their iPad time but it’s got parental control and once the time is up, the books come out. 

And this one: home-school diary communication from D’s school can be sparse;  I think they rely on D’s memory a lot of the time which – if she’s stressed – doesn’t always work, but today, there was a little couple of sentences around how her confidence has increased, as well as her writing and maths skills.  

It also said that D “skipped off” when she was asked to do a task and when I asked D about that and said she must have been happy, she replied “I skip around school because we’re not allowed to run and that makes me quicker”.  Her logic makes me smile.

And it’s the weekend (yay).

So, all in all, (forgetting the door-foot incident), it’s been a good week.

A quick mention of a blogging awards specifically for SEN parents, the BAPs, it’s always a challenge for a SEN parent to work out where their blog fits into the blogging arena:

Yes, it’s a parenting blog, but with a definite message, that of raising awareness of an invisible disability, something that can’t always be seen at first glance.

So, if you’d like to follow this link and nominate a SEN blogger, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.  Not necessarily me, but I do love the “Promoting Public Perception” category, something I’d hope that my blogs help with, neither T nor D are “rainman”, they’re both very individual children, with their own personalities, who are both on the (vast) autistic spectrum.  

Voting closes tonight and thank you for reading Jx 

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