Setback – Six weeks on – Weds 23rd Nov 2016 

By | November 23, 2016

Yep, the last six weeks have flown by haven’t they?

I was hoping to be writing positively about how I’d managed to get a pair of Skechers on yesterday (I did!) and that, even though, my feet punished me afterwards and I’d felt a bit wobbly, it was great to be out (it was and they did) and then this happened:

I shunted my foot in a door.  Luckily I have a check-up and X-ray tomorrow so any damage can be assessed. Fingers crossed.

But back to our day and our D.  She’s extremely visual and tends to worry unnecessarily – the aftermath of yesterday being a prime example – so I’m not outwardly saying “owww”, just inwardly.

But bless her, she skipped along the hall from Theatre Club to Hubbie today, laughed as she told us she’d been at the front of the conga they do to end the session and seems to have had a really positive day – hurrah! 

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