Ouch – Weeks 4 and 5 – Weds 16th Nov 2016

By | November 16, 2016

Doesn’t time pass by quickly? The grand total of five weeks today since my op on my feet and time for an update.

I haven’t been blogging regularly, I’m finding the whole healing feet scenario very painful and uncomfortable.  

For the three weeks immediately after the op, my feet were encased in masses of bandages, bulky but they protected them well.  I’m now done to a layer of Mepilex immediately over the main incisions and that is it, then Hubbie’s trainer socks over the top and that is it.
Consequently they are much more exposed and particularly don’t like being laid on or having a duvet on top, they also don’t like still being on a pillow at night, but don’t like just being on a sheet either so….I’m not getting much sleep and concentration isn’t brilliant during the day as a result, with has a knock-on effect on my wellbeing, I’ve felt a bit down the last few days.

It’s weird, having to really “listen” to my feet.  If I do too much (which at the moment is up and down the stairs a few times during the day), my toes become like extremely angry sausages, swelling up and changing colour, whilst singing angrily to me – get off your feet woman! Similarly if I tried to sit at a desk/feet on the floor.

But, positively, when they’re not swelling up in annoyance, they are looking better than two weeks ago.  I still can’t wear any trainers (not even a size up) but managed to pop slippers on today (maybe another reason why they ache) so next week’s check up might be interesting as to what I wear on them!

I didn’t realise, once the bandages were taken off, that not only have I got sharpie-pen like incisions down the inner parts of my feet, but also between my big toe and next one along on both sides, the general iodine and gunk hid those from me previously so, no wonder they hurt!  

What else? Well, after weeks on being uber-careful, D (bless her) got over-excited and accidentally stepped on one! Ouchie, but I couldn’t show the extent of the ouch as that would have made her anxious, she was very sorry.

Walking is weird.  I kind-of wobble along, a bit like Poirot, trying to only use the outer bits of my feet, which makes for funny times if a package gets delivered and I wobble my way to the door.  I guess once I get the go ahead (and can fit into trainers) to venture out, then I’ll have to use my crutch, for balance and reassurance if nothing else.

So, “ouch” is my word for this week, Roll on next week’s check up Jx 

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