Man Of The Match – Sat 19th Nov 2016

By | November 19, 2016

Brrr! It was frosty this morning and off trecked Hubbie and T to an away match.  Whatsapp messages suggesting that there were delays/car troubles etc.  Not an ideal start.

For someone who lives, breathes and sleeps football (no, not me), the last few weeks have been frustrating for T, he’s very much a team player, putting himself into position, anticipating the game and unfortunately he gets frustrated if others don’t adopt the same approach.  It’s led to a few angry moments and he’s been unwilling to consider alternate suggestions on how he can feel more comfortable within the game, he is very single-minded.

So, it was amazing to see T return today with a smile on his cold red-cheeked face and this:

A “man of the match” award! Obviously it’s something that is handed around and he can’t keep but, for T who’s a very visually-led lad and just wanting the best for the team, it was a boost, a much-needed one.

It was a good moment, made his day and, as parents, our weekend. 

(As an example of how important football is to T, he had memorised all the premier league badges by 18 months and could recite them off to anyone who asked him, he carried around a laminated sheet of them everywhere and was left-footing a ball as soon as he could kick a ball. He used to bounce with a ball on the trampoline “commentating”.  I hope his love of football and desire to play stays with him).

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