D’s memories – Tues 22nd Nov 2016 

By | November 22, 2016

I had to go and have a blood test today, no mean feat when I’m not quite yet six weeks post-op and wearing anything shoe/trainer-wise on my feet is painful.

But it was needed and a case of “let’s do it today because the sooner it’s done, the sooner the results will be in”.

But oh blimey, I’m paying for it now, both physically and emotionally.

Physically – for obvious reasons and emotionally, because I bruise very easily and therefore this:

This little beauty is a visual reminder to D that it happened today and it’s bringing back memories tonight for her of when she had blood tests/injections and how traumatic and stressful they were (she’s end up almost pinned down, whilst screaming).

Not an easy one to manage and, if the results for me are okay, I’ll be having another one in two weeks and then monthly for at least six months.  Long sleeves might be the order of the day for a while.

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