Two steps forward, one step.. Mon 3rd Oct 2016

By | October 3, 2016

It’s draining this battling, isn’t it?  I know, it’s a very First World problem when there are people literally battling for their lives everyday, I mean bureaucracy, the challenge of trying to get people to see beyond their “computer says no” attitude.

It’s difficult to understand how individuals who are meant to be there to help, to guide you down the (at times, bumpy) SN parenting path, basically don’t want to offer assistance or guidance.  It’s felt like everything has to be sought out, battled for and achieved.

We’ve had a little achievement today, I called it “two steps forward and one step back”.  I think …. think our appeal was successful for D to receive school transport whilst I’m immobile BUT they are not willing to offer a drop off service near to home, which seems absolutely bonkers.

When I said to the officer – through tears, they started off as relieved tears but turned into ones of frustration – that we were asking for D’s transport because I wouldn’t be able to walk, it didn’t resonate with her, that D can’t just go off and wait by a bus stop (or wherever) by herself, that someone needs to be with her – which is WHY we asked for the transport.

See what I mean? Yes, we’ll help but not in the way you need.  

I’ve cried three times today and our lovely girl unfortunately witnessed one such tear-burst, she said to me “let’s have a hug because that won’t make you cry” and we did and I still wanted to cry because she showed empathy, she understood that sometimes a cuddle can make everything seem okay for just a few seconds and she understood more than any so-called professional I’ve spoken to over the last few weeks, trying to get this sorted before next Wednesday.

So I can have my operation and recuperate knowing that the children are okay, are safe, are in their individual school environments.

Writing this has made me cry again, blogging it out.  It helps.  Thanks for reading (if you’re able to, the website has been being problematic) Jx

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