Part 2 – Sat 1st Oct 2016

By | October 1, 2016

It’s 1st October and we’re galloping towards my operation date.  It’s funny, I had months of waiting for a decision around this (early July through to mid September) and because I’d convinced myself that it would be a “no” from the panel, I put it all to the back of my mind (it was easier that way).

Suddenly, with 11 days to go, it’s all about preparing the children and the house and then me. 

I am worried how – for example – T will cope with his meals being out-of-routine and that I won’t be there to give a little wave at he walks to the coach stop for school, he always looks back at gives a teensy wave and I one back.  Little things that are part of our day, which get them through.

His birthday is just over two weeks after my op and this year he’s made a list, which is fab tbh, there were so many years of buying something in which a tiny interest had been shown, only to find that because T and D  weren’t able to “play”, they’d be opened, discarded and – eventually – charity shop bound.

D’s done her flute homework albeit still with concerns that she’s practising on a Saturday and not Mon-Fri as listed in her book.  That literal element again.

There may not be a post tomorrow, as you’d imagine, my brain is a tad pre-occupied with upcoming events and I don’t want to spend every night saying the same thing, that’s a tad monotonous.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend Jx 

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