Objectives – Tues 4th Oct 2016

By | October 4, 2016

I’m tired, especially after the news that yesterday brought.  There’s no further update on school transport today, no email, no letter, nothing so any progress is on hold for the moment.

We did, however, have a pro-active moment with school.  Parents evening is once a term and it’s not really a forum for open discussion, more of an objective setting agreement for D’s IEP (Individual Education Plan).  I’m unable to attend the next one due to my op so we had a few moments after school today.

Her objectives differ as she moves through school but they all have one thing in common – trying to increase her confidence and decrease her worries.

She has made some uber steps in the last few years, from no longer needing a buggy on the school run (she instead holds my arm) to – get this! – being on the student council, but her fears around making mistakes and new experiences/surroundings/people still exist.

It’s a tricky one and one that is not going to be solved quickly, she’s not going to evolve into a “hello darlings, I’m here” type of girl, we like our kind, sensitive and polite girl.

One of her objectives was a weird one though and something I wasn’t entirely comfortable with but I could understand the reasoning – that of making a hot drink.  All I could think of were the potentials for danger – the hot water, the steam, the weight of the kettle – but school are thinking ahead to work experience and work placements (D is 12!) so I have to trust that it will all be well and yes, she’ll be learning a life skill, even if she is still only drinking water (that’s right, she doesn’t drink juice or anything else, just plain water).

We shall see.  

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