Minus Three – Sun 9th Oct 2016

By | October 9, 2016

There’s no getting away from it, this coming week brings my operation, something that I’m finding daunting what with the recovery period and the amount of household organisation needed.

But, it’s positive, it will be beneficial for me and our family, I’d like a quick fast forward to next weekend for just a moment to see that we’re all okay, that it’s all gone alright.

Back to today and it saw the last major chore achieved before Wednesday, that of getting all the branches and “stuff” destined for a hippobag into one.  I’m a right one for thinking “I’ll just do that …” whether it’s house/garden/whatever and the thought of sitting still for the next 6/7 weeks just isn’t me so I wanted to get any temptation to start another project out of the way.  

Hippobags are fab, btw, I’ll phone up tomorrow, letting them know it’s ready to be collected and it will, within a few days, I always think they look tidier than a skip too.

D was a star, helping transport branches etc, finding frogs and – her favourite bit – helping to find a bit more space by jumping on the contents!

Hubbie brought home her favourite magazine as a reward and amongst the free gifts on the cover were face paints!

D “decorated” me:

That’s a pumpkin, a crochet hook and yarn and a spider! 

And a “mum loves coffee”, together with some spooky shapes:

Then Hubbie, who ended up looking like he had full body art all over how head and, then our girl:

She loved it so much that I think face painting is destined to become part of our weekends in future.

And then, Nanny McPhee, my goodness she loves that film! She knows every upcoming scene but still gets so excited by the prospect of Nasty Uncle Phil loosing his kidneys or Mr Endelweiss breaking wind! 

A day of smiles and giggles and welcome distractions as I count down.

Tomorrow sees phone calls to school transport as I haven’t heard a word since last Monday and it’s no where near sorted! 

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