Crafty Crutches – Sun 16th Oct 2016

By | October 16, 2016

I’ve haven’t posted for a couple of days, a bit of recuperation happening here as well as a couple of initial complications (A&E trip Thursday and 999 call out early hours of Saturday) meant that I’m taking it easy, well as easy as you can when you’re not used to doing diddly-squat apart from trying to heal.

Poor Hubbie is definitely meeting his daily steps targets whizzing up and down the stairs and keeping everything going, T and D have been pleased to have their routines kept going, although that will all change big-time once Hubbie heads back to work, the kind of quandaries that self-employed individuals face.

I’d read up a little bit about general anaesthetics but didn’t want to scare myself with good old Google but, some of the after-effects have been unexpected, thankfully we’re over that Hill and on the right track now.

D’s school transport issues weren’t resolved, in fact we haven’t heard a word since last Tuesday and subsequent events meant that I didn’t chase, the most recent email said we’d hear something Wednesday or Thursday so we have a bit of a status quo, which made for an anxious D.

As she loves to craft, she decided to bling up my crutches today, it took her mind off things and provided a much needed giggle when:

“Mumma, I’ve done “get well so” but can’t find anymore o’s”

“That’s okay, how about putting “get well so there!” instead?

Which she thought was VERY funny and I think that just might be the message used in “get well’s” in future! 

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