Trepidation – Sun 11th Sept 2016

By | September 11, 2016

After yesterday’s fun time, D needed a quiet day, a chance to re-charge those batteries ahead of another week at school.

She’s had a “onesie day” (lightweight one!) and done some reading, had plenty of cuddles and watched Cinderella, even though she’s uber-familiar with the story and the film, she’ll tell me exactly what happens before it does, but still really enjoys the CGI effects.  

There is some trepidation on my part and I haven’t wanted to wreck D’s much-needed calm day or gatecrash her sleep due to angst tonight.

She’s got an injection tomorrow, the HPV one.

Regular readers will be aware that D used to have a stressful monthly injection, she would get anxious about the next one as soon as she’d had an injection and the night before would be tense.

So, I’m telling her about the injection in the morning.  Our walk to school will be angst-filled for her but at least it will be confined to tomorrow as opposed to wrecking her whole weekend.

Hopefully I’ve made the right choice..

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