The Best End – Mon 5th Sept 2016

By | September 6, 2016

That’s how D described our day today, “the best end to the holidays”.

I’m glad, very.  

You may have noticed that I’ve had another little blogging break.  Something had to give.  I’d mentioned before I was waiting on news about my operation appeal and that an appeal meeting was scheduled, it didn’t happen as there weren’t enough people there.   Now, that shocked me.  I can imagine (well, I know in my voluntary work) that some people just don’t like meetings and don’t turn up, but medical professionals? Dealing with life-altering cases? That surprised me.

So, I stepped back. Got annoyed with myself for doing so, got annoyed that I got annoyed and that we’ve basically been hanging on decisions all summer, decisions which never came.

Luckily T and D don’t pick up on any negative auras I might convey, as long as they have their meals, their routine and their calming tools, they’re fine.

T went back to school today, to year 9 and the start of the subjects he’ll take to exam level.

D heads back tomorrow so today we went and saw “Finding Dory” at the cinema.  She got worried at first, it’s that stranger anxiety that rises up and nabs her just when she’s happy, it knocks her back and her whole demeanour changes, poor thing.

Once we were in our seats, she was calmer.  Happier, cuddly and happier.

Later on we went to the pet shop and saw some bunnies and, as we’d seen “Finding Dory”, some fish:

She loved the setting on the left, calling it “Candy Land”:

These she remembered from last time and made a beeline for them, the London landmarks as she named them:

She wasn’t too fascinated by this, but I was, can you see the abandoned snake skin?

A good end to the holidays for her.  I’m hoping she’s heading back tomorrow with a smile, even if that smile is slightly diminished tonight and she’s “a bit worried about school”.

Fingers crossed.

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