Smile – Mon 26th Sept 2016

By | September 26, 2016

Look at this lovely face, this happy smile:

A smile that says “it was my dad’s birthday yesterday and we had CAKE”, a smile that tells me she enjoyed our meal out and that she very carefully wrote out the labels on her dad’s presents and added oodles of kisses (writing can be a chore for her so any little note from D is wonderful).

A smile that also tells me that she knows I’m having my op soon and whilst she doesn’t  fully understand the implications of afterwards and my recuperation, she’ll be on hand for gentle (I hope) cuddles.

It’s additionally a smile that reminds me she’s relying on me to get home-school transport sorted out for the period when I won’t be mobile.  The appeal has been submitted, I just hope someone reads it with a view to treating her as an individual, not a budget figure.

Above all, our gorgeous D, a happy girl today as that smile proves, ready with a squeezy cuddle after I got back from a meeting.

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