Result – Tues 20th Sept 2016

By | September 20, 2016

Oh, I am a happy J tonight, albeit with a slight “ohmigosh ohmigosh” hint.

You see, I finally heard back about the results of my appeal for my operation ….. and it’s been approved!

I could not believe it when the phone call came.  After being so disappointed when funding was first refused, I was in the mindset that it would be again, so that I didn’t get my hopes up at all.

So…in three weeks tomorrow, it will be happening.  Ohmigosh indeed.

There is now the small matter (small?!?) of trying to source transport to and from school for D for the six or so weeks I’ll be unable to walk afterwards, preparing the children and getting everything done that I need to do, beforehand, because I’m not a “sit still” person and that is what I’ll find most hard, the fact I’ll need to listen to my body – or else.

I’d love to know how much impact the fact I’m a carer to T and D had had, as well as the benefits I outlined for my wellbeing, those together with the non-driver aspect must have all played their part.  I’m feeling fortunate albeit with hints of nerves too.

I’m not telling D yet until I can get the school transport issue sorted, despite and IPSEA guidelines saying that a SN child is entitled automatically to transport, the local council are not having it and yet we see the school buses passing us in the morning with plenty of spare seats.

For now though, it’s nice to have a feeling of “we did it” because bureaucracy does feel a bit of a battle most of the time, especially in SN matters.

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