Nervy – Tues 6th Sept 2016

By | September 6, 2016

There D was, the tiniest hint of a smile on her face today as we stopped for a quick “first day of term” photo.  “Mumma, I’m too nervous to smile more” she said.

Nerves… even though D was in the same classroom locality, with the same teachers and the same classmates, she was still worried.  We walked our usual way through the “deep, dark woods”, grateful on my part that we could, no mud or overgrown parts that might have meant a detour and walking past strangers – another anxiety for D.

A cuddle in reception and off our D went, a bit of masking her nerves as we went into reception, bless her.

And this was me.  Crochet group and a coffee, absolute bliss.

You’d think therefore that everything would have been “tickety-boo” from then on in…nope.

Two tired children + a hefty dose of them glaring at and annoying each other = something I hadn’t done for absolutely ages.  I raised my voice and instantly regretted it.  Any change in tone absolutely sends D spinning emotionally.

Cue outbursts and hours for D to calm down.

Guilt in absolute bucketloads here.  I managed all summer to maintain a calm aura – despite all the appeal uncertainty – and blew it on their first day back.

Tomorrow WILL be better! 

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