Looking forward – Weds 28th Sept 2016 

By | September 28, 2016

I’ve said it before, life with ASD can be very challenging (it is);  at times a bit monotonous (for me, with the routines and the non adherence with what T and D will eat) and painful (when I get a whack when anxieties overcome either one) and sometimes we have very smiley moments.

Today brought one such moment.  D has had her second week at after school theatre club – last year she lasted one season as found it overwhelming and the teachers have been taking account of her worries – and, this year, she’s enjoying it.  I’m pleased it will definitely help with her confidence as well as mixing with pupils she might not have.

She walked down the corridor after the session with an I’m-bursting-to-tell-you-something face and, as soon as we were on our way home, she did.

They’d done the Conga today at the end, she loved it.  Which was brilliant and had already made me smile, when she then said “when your foot has healed, can we do the conga on the way home?”

Sweet eh? Whilst she hasn’t grasped that my op incorporates both feet, she’s accepted (hopefully) that I will need a healing time and is thinking of fun things  in the future.

It didn’t stop us having a mini conga through the “deep, dark woods”, which was interesting with an excited D behind me, almost as tall and intensely holding on! Fun though and another memory to bank and use as a conversational tool.

That lovely smile was still there too!

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