Literal – Fri 30th Sept 2016

By | September 30, 2016

Gosh, hasn’t September rushed by? It doesn’t seem that long since T and D went back to school and here we are, with October looming.

The question of homework has reared its head this week, something that T always groans about because – being a year 9 in mainstream – he gets loads, D on the other hand, doesn’t.  She’s in year 8 of SN school and it’s usually a reading book sent home, from this week however, she also has flute homework.  Something she’s quite pleased about.

D lugs her dining chair and her music stand into the kitchen and will practise with me in there too and the door closed. It’s not the biggest of kitchens and, whilst she’s practising it’s tricky to do anything in there food-wise so I listen, smile and accept that that’s how it suits D.

What does confuse her is her practise book.  The days Mon-Fri are marked together with her homework, this sets things out clearly but also worries her because she takes things very literally and, this week, got anxious because she has after-school clubs on a Weds and Thurs and, because the Mon-Fri is written down, didn’t believe she could carry a session over to the weekend. 

Which of course she can, but because it’s written down and D is very visual – as well as literal – it’s what she thinks.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to gently persuade her that a little bit of flexibility is okay.  Fingers are crossed because her after-school clubs are for a good few weeks! 

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