In her own time – Weds 7th Sept 2016

By | September 7, 2016

Over the years that we’ve been parenting T and D (he’s coming up for 14, she’s 12), we’ve come to realise that our children develop and progress in their own time and at their own pace.

You kind of realise you need to tear up any expectations or timescales when parenting SN children and just be very grateful for achievements as and when they arise.

Sometimes it’s a pretty mega one like D deciding that she no longer needed to use a buggy, that as long as she walked arm-in-arm with me, that the strangers that she gets so worried and overwhelmed about, are a bit more manageable.

Or that she can tie her trainer laces, or recognise sufficiently the clock symbol for 3.15pm to know that she’ll soon be going home from school.

Reading was another one.  Mainstream reception seemed to get frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t phonetically sound out letters and, it’s taken a good few years, but she learnt to read by memorising words and loves to read now, absolutely loves it.

Today brought another such moment. Last year D had the chance to try out after-school theatre club, she was extremely enthusiastic beforehand but nerves meant that she didn’t enjoy it and she lasted one session – thankfully I hadn’t paid in bulk.

Details of the club again have come home and, because she’s that little bit maturer and maybe more open to listening to what goes on there and could relate examples of a couple of her classmates going along and how they’d got on in the Oliver production, she’s eager to have another go.  Which is fab! Apparently there’ll be singing and dancing, as well as drama, which is right up D’s street, she loves to sing!

So, I’m feeling a bit like this:

I’ll take these little successes and use them to proverbially stamp away a bit of the stress, stress of the two appeals we are facing, neither are progressing particularly fast ATM.  

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