Fuzzy – Thurs 22nd Sept 2016

By | September 22, 2016

That one word describes me not only tonight, but also this week, hence my #WOTW.

That image, intentionally fuzzy, perfect.

You see, I’ve had a day of rubbish customer service from a high street who managed to lose my personalised photo gifts I’d ordered for Hubbie’s birthday (he now knows they’re lost);  of (our local buses have all changed their routes) getting a bus home from town, saying does this go along xxx?, being told “yes” and then it going somewhere else and just generally feeling like I have too much to do in too short a time.  

Because….the news I’ve been waiting for since July came through, my operation appeal was successful and this time in three weeks I’ll have had my operation and – hopefully – be on my first day of recovery whilst looking down at my bandaged-up feet and trying to sit still!

It’s no wonder I’m feeling a bit “waaah!”.  I’d convinced myself that the appeal wouldn’t be successful – it was easier that way – and so it was a mega surprise to get a positive result.

But now there’s lists and tons to do before 12/10.  One of which includes trying to sort out the comments facility on here so apologies in advance.

There’s also some RB2C too, including that – hopefully – post-op and once I’m healed, I’ll be able to wear something other than the Clarks boots I’ve worn until they need replacing every autumn/winter/spring as nothing else is comfortable.  Hubbie suggests we bury them in the garden but I think I’ll recycle them in the shoe shop (as we do with all our old shoes), at least they’ll be doing some good.

What else? Well I went to the Mad Blog Awards last Friday.  It was great to put faces to names and it was a great evening, slightly hairy journey as the trains were all affected by the storms but well worth going.

And Saturday, D and I went with her friends to an ASD bowls and laser quest evening.  It was fantastic.

There’s my girl on the end, she loved laser quest so much she’d like a LQ party for her next birthday and that’s wonderful!

So, one happy but very fuzzy J here, the fact I’ve remembered to join in but need to remember to link up is another “yay”, how’s your week been? 

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