Common sense fail – Tues 13th Sept 2016 

By | September 13, 2016

The headlines have screeched that today has been the warmest day in September for over 100 years and – yes – it’s felt like it! The next two days are set to be very similar before more seasonal (rain) weather sets in.

You would think, wouldn’t you, that secondary schools would make allowances for this? 

Nope, I had a hot, cross, slightly overwhelmed and certainly headache-filled T come home today.  The reason? Whilst school sweatshirts are allowed to be taken off at break time and lunchtime, they must be worn in lessons, lessons in which I’m sure that teachers weren’t taking in jackets and sweatshirts.

I’m all for a uniform – don’t get me wrong – it takes away all that “my clothes are trendier/more expensive than yours” scenario and it creates a good first impression to visitors etc but surely there comes a point where commonsense kicks in and yes, keep their ties on but let them be taught in a comfortable environment! 

When I was in sixth form, I distinctly remember our business studies teacher saying to us to get any dress fads out of our systems then because, once working, we’d have to conform – whether it be smart office wear or in a role where uniform dictates but I don’t remember these ridiculous rules in secondary school where a blazer or jumper/sweatshirt MUST be worn during the day, irrespective of temperature.

A bit like the buses who have their heating switched on from (I think) 1st October with no regard to the fact it might be an Indian summer, no common sense.

I’ve emailed the school requesting that they take account of the high temperature, I doubt they will.

It just seems like another challenge for our T who masks so much during his school day and his journey to and from already.

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