Bureaucracy – Weds 21st Sept 2016 

By | September 21, 2016

We have hit a big wall regarding bureaucracy and “computer says no” today.

It’s frustrating because yesterday felt such a “win” with a positive result to my appeal but trying to sort out transport to and from school for D – who’s registered disabled, in a SN school and entitled to it according IPSEA and Gov.uk – is proving a challenge.

The transport department have said “no” and the SEN department won’t help with any appeal either.  To them, D is just a number and any entenuating circumstances are simply discarded.  

We see transport buses going into school with plenty of empty seats and, as the local council criteria for new pupils means that they won’t qualify – despite IPSEA and gov.uk guidelines – the buses will get emptier as pupils get older and leave school.

As a time when I should be preparing for a) the op and b) how I recuperate whilst sticking to the routine the children need, I’m stressed – and so is D after she overheard me talking.

Lovely Deb at chaosinkent is seeking advice for me and hopefully that will assist.

To know that the law and guidelines are on my side but council departments refuse to listen/advise or abide by is frustrating.

Watch this space I guess…

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